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Solution Validation Service



In medical field, a different doctor may come up with a different diagnosis, or offer a different opinion to treatment choices. Factors which may have an effect on a doctor's opinion include technology available to that doctor, school of thought, where they were trained, individual methods of treatment and experience. Proactive decisions can be made with the thoroughly informed information on diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options.


Similarly, in the field of business solutions, getting a second opinion and weighing the options is a very reasonable approach, even though this has been seldom used by the organizations that use solution services. We took the 2nd opinion approach from the medical field and offer the solution validation service for the business management and technology solutions.


Our approach utilizes the efficient way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of client most important business systems and solutions and focuses on getting the most from client ERP investment. We will work with client to identify simple, targeted improvements that will deliver real benefits to the bottom line. Our service will help client reduce workarounds and non-automated processes, improve collaboration and communication, and increase the actionable knowledge that users have about the ERP systems and solutions. Our solution validation service includes the following detail activities:

  • Thorough review of client business scenarios and processes

  • Complete analysis of utilization and effectiveness of client's entire business systems and solutions

  • Discussion of key business issues and resolutions of system and solution related problems

  • Detailed report highlighting strengths, weakness and opportunities to improve systems and solutions

  • Action plan to achieve client's goals

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