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Benefits of Scenario Based Approach

The scenario based approach has been proven through our projects to give the following advantages:

  • Allows client to consider the business context and its goals as a key determining factor governing the constraints under which ERP system is to be implemented

  • Provides the possibility to:

    • Determine whether the business goals are being supported correctly

    • Identify which areas need more investment

    • Verify how tasks performed by users support business needs

    • Design solutions that fit users' needs and goals with the specifics of:

      • Drawing out detailed requirements otherwise missed by high level process mapping or requirement workshops

      • Forming a basis of Process Test Scenarios in the Development/Testing Phase

      • Assisting in painting the picture of the to-be processes

      • Visualizing to help client structure business processes and understand AX functionality

      • Facilitating consultant/client workshop and interview process

      • Identifying what out-of-box AX functionality is relevant to the client

      • Identifying important gaps for a specific client​

  • ​Creates unambiguous documentation and communication among the various teams

  • Gives client the ability to link business context with the user interfaces and system models

  • Enables to find errors easily and apply best practices​

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