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Company History

Mundus Artis (Global Technology in Latin) was founded in 2010 by a group of consultants, software engineers, entrepreneurs and successful business executives. Our fundamental inner drive is that organizations can successfully have a well-designed business management system in place and benefit greatly from it. We believe that there are narrow paths for organizations to be there and we have figured out the best way to make this happen. 


Grant Liu, President and Principal Solution Architect of Mundus Artis, has 19 years of industry experience in ERP Consulting, Software Engineering, and Online Service Operations Management. He has profound knowledge on Dynamics AX and in-depth expertise in Oracle Applications. With passion in Business Management, Technologies and specialty in Manufacturing and Distribution, he is a proven leader in delivering Business Technology solutions and shipping Software products. A certified PMP with strong skills in developing and maintaining business partner relationships. He is a 1996 MIT Ph.D. in an interdisciplinary program of Global Change Science. Also completed the major requirements for MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management. Unique Executive strength of technical depth and business acumen.




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