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Healthcare Affiliation

This healthcare group consists of 30 individual clinics run by partnered physicians and is growing. The group creates a model of partnership between physicians and the company which allows physicians to practice medicine independently while relieves physicians of all the non-medical distractions of running a private practice.


There are four primary forces that are driving the success of this model:

  • Eliminating individual physician practice challenges

    • Insurance Challenges - The complexity of insurance puts a huge hurdle on individual practices

    • Financial Problems - The potential cash flow and financial reserve challenge individual physicians

    • Federal Mandates - Complex federal requirements, government mandates distract medicine practices

  • Providing freedom for physicians to practice medicine

  • Relieving administration of running a private practice​

  • Sharing resources and profit

The healthcare group implements Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU10 by creating separate companies for its 30 affiliates and allowing further growing of the group with future mergers and acquisitions. Centralized billing, centralized payment and centralized supply chain management are designed for the ERP system to manage the entire group of companies efficiently.

Case 7

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