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Custom Development Service

Our philosophy on custom development is Don't do it unless there is no alternative. Many organizations have taken a prevailing notion with the wrong perspective that Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed for customization. It's probably true that the AX architecture allows ISV's to create add-ons and extensions at great flexibility. However, to the benefits of the organizations that implement the ERP product as their business management system, less customization would provide long term benefits.

With that in considerations, there are still situations where we all have to write custom code. We do offer the custom development service with a unique approach. Our approach is​​ Business-Guided Custom Development. Business drives the development. Scenarios determine the specifications. This approach is in alignment with our Scenario and Persona Based Methodology. Our methodology not only applies to the implementation; it also applies to the customization. Scenario clarity drives requirement clarity, which generates clear and accurate specification. This is such a critical factor for custom development that it determines the work scope, the cost and the overall success.

Our custom development service covers the development of the following areas:

  • Forms (X++ Forms, Web Forms)

  • Reports (SSRS Reports, VS Reports)

  • Role Centers

  • Cubes

  • SQL Scripts

  • SSIS Packages

  • Data Migrations

  • Data Cutovers

  • Integration (AIF, Web Services, EDI)​

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