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  • Business Management

  • Vertical Domain Knowledge

  • Integral Business Context


  • Dynamics AX

  • Unified Technology Stack

  • Integrated Business and Technology


  • Disruptive Business Process

  • New Market and Solutions

  • Emerging Models


  • Revenue Enhancement

  • Efficiency Increase

  • Strategic Business Improvement


  • Decades of Business Solutions

  • Broad Industries

  • Top Notch ERP Platforms


  • Discrete

  • Process

  • Lean


  • Distribution Center Network

  • International Trade


  • Cross Channel


  • Omni Channel


  • B2B

  • B2C

Health Care:

  • Clinic Affiliation

Direct Selling: Selling directly by removing the middle man for a computer manufacturing company

Vertical Integration: Collections of SM companies with vertical niches for a public precision equipment manufacturer​​

Commodity Pricing: Accurately and timely tracking commodity based raw material price fluctuations for a food process manufacturer​​

Low Margin Business: Optimal terms and cross-channel SCM for low margin business of technology equipment distribution​​

International Trade: Efficient distribution hub structure and logistics for international trade company​​

E-Commerce: Global E-Commerce for an ecosystem of suppliers and customers​​

Healthcare Affiliation: Healthcare model taking advantage of hospitals and individual clinic practices for a health group of affiliated clinics

1. Platform & Implementation

2. Solution Validation

3. Custom Development and Support

Helping you find the right value-adds.

We are a boutique business management and technology consultancy. Our service offerings are based on our E5 model and are tailored to create value-adds for our clients. The top notch services have a unique focus on value. We have mastered the techniques to delivery AX solutions efficiently and successfully.

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Business Technology partner with a shared vision.

Expertise of business management and vertical domains. It's about your business in your unique industry. There is an old Chinese saying "Difference between occupations is like separation of huge mountains". Our fundamental philosophy as Business Technology consultancy is the in-depth understanding of client business and industry. We bring in industry standards and best practices and integrate that with client's unique strengths and critical success factors.

Focus on Microsoft AX as technology platform. With broad experience in Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel solutions, we have gravitated on a technology platform that provides the most value to our clients. Our laser focus is on Microsoft Dynamics AX as technology platform, its unified technology stack and the integrated business and technology paradigm.

Innovation in processes, technologies and business models. From automating quality data collection on the assembly line by using IoT to simulating customer behavior and forecasting demand by applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we continuously invest in frontier technologies to improve processes and efficiency. Our implementation of Omni Channel, Cross Channel (e.g. E-Commerce, Market Place, FBA, Call Centers), and B2B/B2C trading platform effectively help our clients adapt to the transforming industries and businesses.

Value as starting point and destination. Cost saving based ERP initiative often misses its objective simply due to the project budget overrun. Revenue enhancement oriented project requires a long runway to realize the benefits due to organization's learning and adapting curve. Real success of ERP implementation requires simultaneous efficiency and growth objectives plus exceptional execution. Our insight on the value time line ensures that clients truly realize the value.

Experience of 20 years on industry frontlines. This is an industry where experience does not become obsolete. The core components of business management remain relatively steady. Business technologies as an enabler refine execution precision and improve productivity. Experience increases the quality in an exponential fashion. "The good ones are not 10 times better, nor 100 times better, but 1000 times better." Often times, the expertise determines the success or failure of an ERP initiative. We are not a body shop. Our experience brings in significant difference to your business digital transformation undertaking.

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